Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Review

Chase Sapphire Reserve Review

Discover hidden jungles, ancient castles and happening night markets with one of the best cards for travelers. You can plan that dream vacation or save on business travel through the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. To get these benefits and perks, you just have to pay a $450 annual fee. The card offers benefits like a $300 travel rebate, so your annual fee is earned back in time. If you actually use the card, the perks end up more than covering the fees and give you money back for doing the things you enjoy most.

Get a Bonus for Signing Up

One of the best parts of the card is the sign up bonus. With this option, you get a 50,000-point bonus for signing up. If you are worried about covering the cost of the annual fee, the bonus really helps. These points work out to 2.1 cents each, so you get $1,050 for signing up.

If you use the Ultimate Rewards points for travel, you get 1.5 cents per point. This means that your bonus gives you $750 for hotel stays, ferries, Uber, toll bridges, garages, cruise lines and more. When you also consider the $300 rebate for travel, the card pays for itself even faster. To use your points, you just have to use the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal. The portal is easy to use, so you can quickly start earning and using your points.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and Your Earnings

This card also offers a decent earning potential. You can redeem points with Chase’s partners. If you spend $1,000 a month in travel related expenses, you would get 3,000 points per month and 36,000 points per year. If you are spending $10,000 per month, then you would make 30,000 points a month and 36,0000 points per year.

When you use the card for dining and travel purchases, you earn triple the points. Spending on travel and dining also includes things like food delivery and ride-sharing. The points really add up over a year. If you use your card at all, you start to earn money back from using it.

The Benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

With the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, you get priority pass lounge access, Visa Infinite Perks and an annual travel credit. The annual travel credit of $300 can be used for any travel purchase. With the lounge access perk, you get access to more than 1,000 airport lounges. You can also add authorized users to your account for $75 and give them the same lounge access.

If you plan on traveling the world, you need this card in your wallet. You get to relax in the airport lounge while everyone else has to crowd into the terminal. When you land, your vacation starts with ease. Through the Visa Infinite Perks, you can access benefits like primary rental car insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, concierge services and trip cancellation coverage. Basically, you can plan on having a stress-free vacation to an exotic island, Irish castle or anywhere your heart can dream of.

You also get a $100 free credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. If you are already enrolled in Global Entry or TSA PreCheck, then you can use your perk for a family member or friend. This benefit is awesome because no one likes to wait in line. If you go to airports a lot, this credit means that you can be through security in no time.

Who Can Get This Card?

Chase cards are known for being fairly restrictive. While the company has not confirmed the policy, they are said to reject any applicant who has opened five credit cards or more in the last 24 months. If your application for the Sapphire Reserve card is rejected, it is also possible to upgrade a current Chase account. Upgrading means that you miss out on the sign up bonus, but you still get the other benefits.


This card is good if you like to spend money on travel and dining. The $300 travel rebate alone nearly covers the card’s annual fee. If you travel at least once a year or have any Uber and transportation costs, you end up getting most of the annual fee back. With bonus points for dining and travel expenses, it is easy for you to quickly to earn the cost of your fees. Once you have this card in the wallet, you can set off on your world cruise or jungle safari in no time.

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