Montreal & Quebec Review by a Pre-Teen

Old Town Montreal

My Montreal & Quebec vacation was a good trip. My favorite sight in Montreal  was Notre Dame, a big fancy church which is a must see! Another great sight was the Pointe-à-Callière Museum of archeology which had an interesting film about the history of Montreal.

Its always about the food

Montreal had really good food and I mean really good food. We went to a restaurant that had French Onion soup that was to die for! This was my first time trying french onion soup by the way. They also had a mean crème brûlée for dessert. Another can’t miss was the crepes, sort of like dessert, that we had at a brunch place. Crepes, who knew!

Montreal Notre DameWe stayed at the Westin Hotel. They have addictive and different flavored water in the lobby that is changed daily along with the most comfy beds. They also have a warm pool, cold pool, and a hot tub. So stay at the Westin, it’s worth the money.

The city of Montreal gives off a sort of fancy vibe. You will feel like a peasant 🙂 but everybody we met seemed really nice.

What is Quebec Anyway?

Quebec is also a really nice city/place! Is it a city? It’s amazing, okay? I guess it is a city but the old town didn’t feel that way to me. My favorite part was the Upper Old Town. I hated the walking though. For the sake of your legs take the funicular. It has a really nice view.

Anyways the Old Town had a lot of character. It looked.. “Europe’y”. That’s the only word I can use to describe it and it is really fancy, like flowers and cobblestone buildings fancy. I suggest exploring the Old Town without much driving. You find things you couldn’t without walking around. Like this one street performer that was funny and could juggle pretty well.

Back to the Food

Upper Town QuebecMy favorite food and dessert there was this hidden gem Cuban place. They make a mean burger! My favorite dessert was this ice cream that was a chocolate hazelnut and tiramisu mix. A+ overall!

The hotel was basically the same as the last one but they had a pool table. Good job PUR Hotel! Every hotel needs one, seriously.

The flight to and from Montreal from New York went by super quick. Just bring a book, you won’t need much. By the way props to Air Canada for having really good cookies called “Biscoff”. The train to Quebec was around 3 hours long. I cleared through 2 books. I advise you bring at least 3 books but the train is pretty cozy so you might just fall asleep.

All in all Canada, Montreal & Quebec, was a good trip. I’m seriously considering Quebec Old Town Château Frontenacmoving there…when I’m a little older.


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