Why you should visit Amsterdam

Our trip to Amsterdam was such a nice surprise. It took years to convince my wife to go to Amsterdam. Her impression of Amsterdam was the red-light district and marijuana in a nutshell. It was pretty high on my list and I was happy we finally made the trip. Amsterdam is a very central walkable city. Transportation is very accessible and there are so many areas you can easily walk to.

Ann Frank House

The museums were definitely the highlight of the trip for my wife and I. We made reservations in advance for the Ann Frank House so we could skip the line. I would definitely recommend doing that if you want to make sure you have an opportunity to visit. Visit annefrank.org. Although I read Ann Frank’s Diary as a child, nothing can really prepare you for how you will feel when exploring this museum. It’s difficult to put into words but the experience is so powerful. You are so taken by this smart, thoughtful and insightful young person and what she went through with your family. You feel sorrow for this family and think about what Anne accomplished in her young life and what more she could have done if given the opportunity. They give you a chance to see where they lived during those years and the way they weaved together their story is a great tribute to that family and many others.Museums in Amsterdam

The Van Gogh museum

The Van Gogh museum is one of my favorite art museums in Europe and I have visited many of them. Understanding how Van Gogh struggled his entire life, how dedicated he was to his craft and the remarkable works that he created is inspiring. He would forgo sleep because he was so engrossed in his work. There were times when he created a different painting every single day. Not that I would recommend that level of devotion of course. They told his story, shared some of the letters he wrote to his brother and allowed you to understand the man behind the works. Even if you are not an art lover, this museum is a must see. To skip the line, reserve your tickets at vangoghmuseum.nl

Amsterdam Architecture CanalsWhere to Eat in Amsterdam

There are a number of outdoor eateries that are reasonable priced and have a great selection of different hot meals and salads whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian or are on a healthy diet. They have a mix of foods from all over the world. We liked visiting places like this because they were very central; some of them had outside balcony seating in the heart of the city giving you a real chance to people watch, enjoy a quick bite and get back to enjoying the sights.

Walking along the canals or taking a boat ride, you can truly enjoy the unique architecture that Amsterdam has to offer. It’s a romantic way to see the city and get insight into how people live there.

The flower market is a world famous must see that a long-standing history. You can see the most vibrant beautiful flowers some familiar and some you may have never seen before. You can purchase fresh flowers, seeds, plants, and herbs or simply enjoy the walk.Flower Market

My wife was curious so at the end of our stay we did walk the red-light district. Not the most exciting part of our trip but interesting nonetheless.

Be sure to use the Chase Sapphire Reserve when booking your flight and for your meals overseas so you can take advantage of the points you will receive. Overall, we had a wonderful time in Amsterdam and although my wife was reluctant to visit, it has become one of our favorite cities to visit.

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