Sydney, Australia an Exciting and Vibrant City


There’s a diverse mix of people and culture within the vibrant city of Sydney. I didn’t really know what to expect when arriving in Sydney. The highlight for most from an architectural perspective was the Opera House overlooking Sydney harbor. Looking at it at night gives you an entirely different perspective. You can capture more of the detail in the way the brightness of it contracts with the dark sky. It cost over $100M to build versus a budget of $7M and took much longer than expected. The architectural wonder took considerably longer because of the complexity and uniqueness of the design. I took the tour while I was there which was well worth the money. If you have a fascination with unique architect, it’s a must see. 

Sydney Skyline

I always believe the best way to capture the essence of a city is to walk it if you can. You see things you would have missed if you drove or took public transportation. Sydney is definitely a walkable city. It has a lush green space named after Hyde Park in the United Kingdom. It doesn’t compare in size but is a bright green with interesting looking trees and great for people watching. 

The Rocks

My favorite area to visit shops and dine was The Rocks. It had a great mix of Australian and international cuisines. We enjoyed walking through the galleries and admiring the work of some very talented photographers capturing the beautiful landscape of Australia. 

Tip: There are a number of higher end food courts within the downtown area with a great variety of food options available. Sydney is a pretty expensive place to visit. These cafeterias are a great option if you want a good meal and don’t plan to break the bank. 

Bondi Beach

Sydney Beaches

Bondi beach is only a 30-minute bus ride from the Town Hall station. The coastline is stunning and there’s a nice walk you can take. There’s a public lap pool with views of the ocean. It’s great for families, romantic for couples and fun for kids. 

About a 2 and a half hour train ride away, you can visit the blue mountains. It’s a completely different experience than enjoying the sites of the city center. You get to explore and enjoy the nature, go for a hike through the rain forest and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life in general. They had some fascinating exhibits within the rain forest that expressed their interpretation of this wonder and their cultural values. We stopped for a quick bite at their café with little expectations of a good meal and were in for a real treat. My wife and I shared a pumpkin quiche that was one of my favorite foods during our trip. My wife regretted the fact that we didn’t each get our own. 

Sydney is a great city to visit for the food, culture and architecture. It offers something for everyone. Having spent four days in the city with a day trip outside of the city, I think it was a worthwhile experience. The pace is a bit laid back, so relax and enjoy.